Beware of Sudden Deafness, This Is Danger Of Using Earphones Too Often

Jakarta, MISTAR.ID

For women and men ranging from children to adults, earphones have become devices that are familiar with everyday life. However, excessive use of earphones can lead to health problems. How come?

Recently, an 18-year-old girl went viral on TikTok for being called a ‘stroke’ after previously complaining of persistent ear pain. It is claimed that one of the causes is the daily use of earphones.

Responding to the news, a neurologist at Brawijaya Hospital Saharjo, Zicky Yombana, said that basically the use of earphones is not related to stroke.

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“If you use a headset (or earphones) it can’t (cause a stroke). The use of a headset can cause damage to the vibrating hairs, eardrum or other parts of the ear structure,” said Zicky some time ago.

Zicky explained, the ‘stroke’ experienced by this 18-year-old girl was sudden deafness.

Sudden deafness, called Zicky, can be triggered by the use of earphones or headsets. Earphones can damage the structure of the ear which then triggers sudden deafness.

Meanwhile, if the patient also has hearing complaints and balance disorders such as vertigo, this means that there is damage to the auditory center area of ​​the brain or the vestibulocochlear nerve (hearing and balance nerves).

Zicky said that hearing loss itself is divided into two types. Namely conduction disorders and sensorineural disorders.

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A conduction disorder means a disturbance in the structure of the internal organs of the ear including the ossicles, cochlea, and eardrum. Because there is a disturbance in the structure of the ear, the sound conduction cannot be well received by the brain.

Meanwhile, in sensorineural disorders, the conductor or sound conduction path is in good condition. However, the sensor malfunction results in the sound signal being unable to be received as sound in the ear.

Zicky advised the public to pay attention to the volume and duration of use.

“We use earphones not too loud but for 4 hours, well, it’s the same. Or we use it for a long time but very fast (still has the potential to cause hearing loss),” he said.

Zicky also suggested that the use of earphones be done wisely.

In addition to a reasonable duration, also install the volume that is not excessive. At least, you can still hear the sound beyond the sound heard from the earphones or not until the noise is isolated. (cnn/hm12)