Beyoncé brings Destiny’s Child back together


Sunday, 04/15/2018
12:38 clock

Her entree was as regal as befitting a Queen Bey: stepping into a sort of pharaoh costumes Beyoncé the stage of the Coachella Festival in Southern California’s Indio, where the 36-year-old was booked as headliner on Saturday night. Dignified, she walked down a trellis of dancers in panther bodys.

Soon, the view opened onto a kind of pyramid, on which about a hundred bees yellow-clad musicians and dancers awaited their commitment – who came with the fanfare to “Crazy in Love”, 2003, the first solo number one hit for Beyoncé. The singer also wore yellow, a hoodie to a short jeans. A street style that inspired the deputy from Beyoncé’s hometown Houston to a proud tweet.

“Crazy in Love” was the prelude to a two-hour performance, a greatest hits set that Beyoncé was supposed to present as early as 2017 at the Coachella Festival. At that time, however, the singer was pregnant with twins and had to cancel the concert on medical advice. Lady Gaga jumped in as headliner in Southern California.

But now “Beychella” took place, as it was called on a specially designed for the appearance coat of arms. It shows a bee, a raised fist, a panther and an Egyptian goddess. Coats of arms and costumes were designed by Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of the French fashion house Balmain, the fashion magazine “Vogue” very proud of the joint work on it had reported ,

Both Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z (on “Déjà Vu”) and her sister Solange (“Get Me Bodied”) had short appearances on Beyoncé’s show, which was musically driven by a Southern brass band. Before the song “Run the World (Girls)” she emphasized the historical dimension of her performance: “Coachella, thank you for being the first black woman to be able to play as headliner,” she said in an announcement.

But there was probably the biggest rejoicing when Beyoncé appeared with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland – at first only as a silhouette, then for three songs to hear: “Lose My Breath”, “Say My Name” and “Soldier”. Destiny’s Child, the band that made Beyoncé famous. It was the trio’s first joint appearance since Beyoncé’s Superbowl Halftime Show 2013.

The Coachella performance is shown in full length in a live livestream from the evening.

Editor’s note: We have corrected the year of the canceled headline appearance of Beyoncé in the text.


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