U mother, end-of-life, has been sentenced to four months suspended prison sentence. The attempted homicide was not considered to qualify the offense.

morphine Pump in the shoulder, rod in hand, more hair, this is a woman of some forty years very diminished, which is presented at the bar of the court of Béziers, this Friday. She was prosecuted for having, in September 2011, will be administered, as well as his two children, medications in order to end the life.

“She has only a few more months to live,” and admitted, at the hearing, his lawyer, ms. Annie Auret. At the time, she had just learned that she was suffering from cancer irreversible. In addition, the Fca had him remove his benefits, because it was common mailbox with a friend who never remained more on-the-spot. Administration whereas there was a concealment of a spouse. The latter had left because he had a surprise trying to do the garbage for a living.

A gesture of despair

“I didn’t want to kill my children, I love them too much for that. I just wanted to that we slept all three without thinking to eat it, because I had not found anything to feed them. I was doing the bins of the supermarket near the house. But that Sunday, there was nothing. I was desperate,” assumes the accused.

However, two letters and no ambiguities were found by a friend, suggesting that it was a suicide. But this Friday, after six years of waiting, the accused was prosecuted for having given drugs dangerous to her children.

Since then, they have been placed with their father in the paris region. The mother had fled because he was violent. They had been taken from him a few months later, because he was sentenced to a prison sentence. A father, who after having disappeared without ever paying the slightest euro of support to assist his children, was, Friday, this in Béziers. It was waiting for repair.

‘His children have no father, merely a sire”

“this investigation gave nothing. We used the information delivered on Wikimédica, insisted to Me, Castillo, for the two children. We can’t let this happened. But six years after, his physical situation is very deteriorated. His children have no father, merely a sire.” The lawyer will ask for 15 000 € for each child and eur 800 for legal costs.

“We can only regret that this procedure be arrival too late to the court. There is nothing more difficult than to demonstrate your real intentions, but you can, by this judgment, the better to overcome your distress. You have been able to maintain your commitment to your children, but, despite everything, the facts are serious. We understand your distress of the time. The time has passed and you have evolved. I require a sentence of two years suspended prison sentence,” explained the prosecutor Yvon Calvet.

It takes all

Me Annie Auret for the defence : “It assumes all. She just needed help at the time to cope with his illness, that of her child, but also the loss of his companion and his rights. She was forced to do the garbage to meet the needs of his family. All this has been a real mess. Today, there is a link huge between her and her children. It is not necessary to take it away. She has a hope of life very short. She receives a chemotherapy treatment to be permanent and is permanently connected to a morphine pump. I ask you to be forgiving.”

The accused was sentenced to four month suspended prison sentence and € 10,000 in damages and interest for the children. The court took note of the civil part of the father.

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