Bezosa Blue Origin will build a business park in space / Day

The station is expected to be in orbit 500 kilometers above the ground. Its basic science and living space will have a capacity of 830 cubic meters, which is almost the same as for the International Space Station. Orbital Reef modules will be equipped with large windows through which, as promised Blue Origin, “you will be able to watch 32 spectacular sunrises and sunsets every day”.

The Communication emphasizes that any country, company or customer will be able to apply for the use of this space business park for scientific, research, production of new and unique products, advertising or exotic travel. Station managers will provide transport, logistics, rental of premises, technical support. Customers will also be able to connect their modules to the station

The construction of a joint space station by 2027 is also planned Nanoracks, Voyager Space a Lockheed Martin.