BGN 50 million invested by Kaufland in the renovation of Central Halls, will not brand the building

Kaufland will invest BGN 50 million in the reconstruction of Central Halls, turning them into an object of the retail chain, but they will continue to bear this name and the building will not be branded. This was announced by the chain during an online press conference today.

There is still no technical project for the reconstruction, but a full technical inspection has been made and cracks have been found on the facade, corrosion of load-bearing parts and a number of other things that require complete repair. It will comply with the building’s status as a cultural monument, and when negotiations with the building’s owner, the Israeli company Ashtrom, are completed, a detailed technical design will be prepared and agreed with the institutions, the chain said.

For now, the nature of the contract and how long it will be signed is subject to confidentiality. However, Kaufland stressed that they do not intend to brand the building, ie. the possibility of large inscriptions with the trademark on the facade is excluded. At the same time, the usual goods sold in Kaufland will be sold inside, this store is not intended to be different and luxury or gourmet goods will be sold.

Expect details