BGV Young Heroes 2022: The jury winners have been chosen, BGV Badische Versicherungen, press release

This year, the BGV once again launched the BGV Young Heroes funding competition to support the youth work of the Baden aid and rescue services. 115 organizations presented their young talent projects, over 283,000 votes were cast in the public vote. This is how the 20 audience award winners were chosen. In addition, a prominent jury awarded 10 other prizes, so that ultimately 30 organizations were awarded a total of 30,000 euros.

Diverse commitment to promoting young talent

“I find the commitment of the BGV and the focus on the youth work of the organizations spot on,” explained Veronika Laukart, Mayor of Au am Rhein, during the jury meeting. “Here it becomes clear how important the whole blue light family is for our society.” In fact, the jury was particularly pleased about the diversity among the applications and praised the creativity of the youth organizations. “You can feel that all participants care deeply about young people’s work,” said District Administrator Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel, who is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BGV. Senator eh Prof. Edgar Bohn, CEO of the BGV, was particularly pleased about the increasing awareness of the award: “We are very pleased that even more organizations took part this year than in 2021. People are talking about the BGV junior heroes in almost every place.” Social media channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp were again used to solicit votes and mobilize an enormous amount of support.

As expected, most of the applications came from the fire brigades. Jury member and President of the Baden-Württemberg State Fire Brigade Association Dr. Frank Knödler: “We were very pleased that the BGV is further intensifying its commitment to the youth fire brigades here. That impresses and inspires us at the same time.”

These are the jury prize winners of the BGV Young Heroes 2022

The jury, consisting of Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel (District Administrator of Karlsruhe and Chairman of the BGV Administrative Board), Veronika Laukart (Mayor of Au am Rhein), Dr. Frank Knödler (President of the Baden-Württemberg State Fire Brigade Association) and Senator eh Prof. Edgar Bohn (CEO BGV) honored the following other youth organizations:

1. Buchen youth fire brigade
2nd youth fire brigade Gaggenau department Selbach
3rd youth fire brigade in Karlsbad, dept. Auerbach
4th youth fire brigade Königsbach-Stein – Zug-Stein
5. Red Cross Youth in the DRK OV Berghausen e. V
6th Youth Red Cross Schutterwald
7. DLRG Stadtgruppe Heidelberg eV
8. DLRG Group Engen eV
9th Maltese Youth Konstanz eV
10. Worker-Samaritan-Youth local group Mannheim