BiB – Publications – Stress on children, young people and parents in the corona pandemic

Bujard, Martin; von den Driesch, Ellen; Ruckdeschel, Kerstin, Lass, Inga; Thönnissen, Carolin; Schumann, Almut; Schneider, Norbert F. (2021)

BiB.Population.Studies 2/2021. Wiesbaden: Federal Institute for Population Research

DOI: 10.12765 / bro-2021-02

URN: urn: nbn: de: bib-var-2021-028

The study deals with the psychosocial stress on parents, children and young people during the lockdown phases in Germany since the beginning of the corona pandemic. The focus here is on the effects of contact restrictions and school closures on mental and psychological health. For children and young people in particular, many everyday structures have collapsed during this time, which could have long-term consequences for their personal well-being and development. On the one hand, the underlying data is metadata, which reflects the current state of research on this topic. In addition, own analyzes are carried out with longitudinal and representative data from the German relationship and family panel pairfam and their additional COVID-19 survey. These findings serve to give an overview of the situation of parents, children and young people in order to ultimately be able to derive adequate political and social measures and recommendations for action.

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