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Bibi Andersson, disappearance of a muse

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Swedish actress Bibi Andersson, whose real name is Berit Elisabeth Andersson, passed away on Sunday 14 April. She was born in Stockholm, November 11, 1935. Trained at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Stockholm, she was first engaged in the theater troupe Malmö directed by the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, before he reveals it to the cinema with Smiles of a summer night in 1955 where she still plays a minor role …

Blonde muse of Ingmar Bergman

Its freshness and tenderness seduced the director who wrote for her among her most beautiful female roles: Mia in The Seventh Seal (1956), Sara in Wild strawberries (1957) or Hjordis in At the threshold of life (1958), role that earned him the prize for interpretation at the Cannes Film Festival. " Bergman's films are concerned with feelings, and we need to worry about them She said in 1979 to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The Bergman inventory

Bergman had designed for her characters to reveal a rare talent, tinged with youth and maturity, poetry and accuracy. She sublimated them, mingling with her blonde fragility a form of self-possession that belonged only to her. His incarnation in Persona (1966) has made an impression: she impresses as a young nurse in charge of a silent actress, played by Liv Ullmann, another Bergmanian muse.

Prestigious awards

Other filmmakers were seduced by the beauty and looks of Bibi Andersson, like Vilgot Sjöman, thanks to whom she won the interpretation prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 1963 for The mistress and the Crystal Star of the Cinema Academy in 1967 for My sister, my love. In 1987, she appeared in the beautiful Feast of Babette by Gabriel Axel, after the work of Karen Blixen.

Very weakened after a stroke in 2009, Bibi Andersson died at the age of 83, leaving, in the words of his daughter, " a huge void for all those who have had the privilege of living by their side ".



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