Bibie, very slowly, too slowly

The singer Bibie, in 1989, in Paris. Eric Fougere – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

THE SINGERS OF A SINGLE TUBE (3/6) – The singer well launched in Africa signs a tube in France. Paradoxically, he will extinguish his career.

Everyone knows their catchy refrains but not necessarily the name of their interpreter. If these songs have marked popular culture, their creators have not repeated the feat. They have often changed their lives, sometimes embraced another career or more rarely made their fortune grow. All remember.

We didn’t know anything about her. “It has always been very difficult for me to talk about myself, I am a fairly discreet personexplains Bibie with a big smile. Luminous, the bearing of the haughty head, the singer remained a mystery despite the triumph of her song Slowly in 1985. «I’m much more serene than at the time, that’s for sure“, she explains, enigmatic. After this tube, we had never really been interested in this discreet performer. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a singer“, she confides.

Slowly sort in 1985. Private collection

Born in Ghana in a family of diplomats, Bibie followed her father according to his assignments: Germany, Great Britain, Lebanon, Senegal…

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