A Youtube wedding is pending: Julian Claßen has made a proposal to his pregnant girlfriend Bianca Heinicke. This news is now shared by the couple with their fans.

Just over two months ago, Julian and Bianca, called Bibi, made public that the offspring are expecting , A little later, they announced that it was a boy. Now they surprise with the next highlight: The two Youtuber are engaged.

Kneeling in the living room:

On Instagram, Bibi shared a photo. Then she stands joyfully and moved in the living room holding a huge bouquet of red roses in her arms. Julian kneels before her and stretches out a ring in a velvety casket. To the picture, the 25-year-old writes, “We’re engaged, oh man, I still can not believe it, but Julian made me a wedding proposal.”

She also writes, “I’m so overwhelmed and so overjoyed that I just never expected that.” It hails congratulations under the post – from fans as well as other Youtube stars and celebrities, such as Ross Antony , Julian commented under the post again: “I love you.” The whole thing he provides with a ring emoji.

Wedding before birth?
In a Youtube video, the two even betrayed: “Of course, we wish that the child is born and we start properly as a family.” At least officially, they would like to marry before the birth of their son in three months. “That would be very small in the first place, we even thought about doing it all by ourselves, if we just did it for ourselves and our feelings,” they say. Exact plans do not exist yet.


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