Bible Banned in Conservative State of Utah under New Law

Parents of students in Davis County, north of Salt Lake City, are not kidding. They succeeded in banning the Bible under a law passed in 2022 in this conservative western American state. The law in question makes it possible to ban books and films pornographic or indecent content libraries and courses.

The Bible removed from schools

The Old Testament is particularly targeted with passages on incest, masturbation, sex acts with animals, prostitution […] and even infanticide… . The complaint, filed on December 11, 2022, was examined by a commission and it was decided to keep the Bibles only in secondary and higher education libraries. Such a measure was temporarily put in place last year in Texas and Missouri.

An outcry

Now other voices are also rising to also ban the Book of Mormon, a work of holy scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), of which Utah is the cradle and stronghold. .

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Of course, the measure caused an outcry. But it could turn against those who filed the complaint. Indeed, the complaint ironically exposes the contradictions of the conservative groups that supported the book ban law. If people are outraged at the banning of the Bible, they should be even more outraged at the banning of all the books that have now disappeared from our public schools. gets carried away Kasey Meehan, who directs the program Freedom to Read (the right to read) of the association Pen International which fights for the freedom of the press.