Biby Gaytán returns to television

Biby Gaytán returns to television where she will star in a series.

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The announcement was made known by Juan Osorio, who will work as producer of the new project in which the former Timbiriche will be the protagonist. Osorio was intercepted by the press when he was inside his vehicle where he offered statements.

“We are going to do the series of ‘La Criada bien Criada’ which is now called ‘Despacito very Despacito’, and she is going to be the protagonist, and the truth is that I am delighted to have worked with the pilot,” he said.

“He is a very respectful person, he read the script, listened to the proposal, and the only thing I’m going to tell you is that he was in the recordings, he supported me all the time, he guided Bibi, I have a great ally with Mr. Capetillo” he added without elaborating.