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Biden agrees with Putin that relations between their countries are at a low point

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In an interview with the American television station published on the night from Friday to Saturday, Putin stated that the current relations between the United States and Russia are at the lowest point in many years. However, he said on Sunday that the United States was curbing negative rhetoric against Russia ahead of Wednesday’s summit in Geneva. Putin wants to discuss with Biden, among other things, strategic stability, regional conflicts and the environment.

On Sunday, Biden responded that he agreed with Putin’s statement about the poor condition of relations. “I think (Putin) is right that our relations are at a low point,” he said. According to him, relations are clouded by the fact that in the past Putin did not act in accordance with international standards many times.

The US president also said that according to his information, his Russian counterpart was involved in influencing the US election. “I checked it, I had access to the records of all the intelligence services. He was involved in these activities,” Biden said.

But Biden also made it clear this week that the United States is not pursuing a conflict with Russia. “We want stable and predictable relationships,” he said. However, he added that the US will react vigorously in cases of Russian government involvement in “harmful activities”. He emphasized that the best way to resolve issues was to meet and discuss Putin in person.

Vladimir Putin is expected to attend a summit in Geneva with US President Joe Biden

Photo: Yevgeny Odinokov, CTK / AP

While Biden stressed the need for confrontation, the Russian leader, in Sunday’s comments on his expectations from the meeting, focused on the possibilities of deepening cooperation. According to him, there are areas where Russia and the USA can effectively take joint action. Putin also expressed Russia’s willingness to extradite hackers to the United States if both countries sign a treaty to do so and Washington commits to the same.

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The main goals of the meeting, Putin considers “to restore personal contacts, relationships, establish direct dialogue, create truly functioning mechanisms in those areas that represent common interests,” Interfax quoted an excerpt from Putin’s interview with state television.

Russia-US relations have recently been extremely tense, for example, due to the recent imposition of sanctions on Russia by the United States and the mutual expulsion of diplomats. Moscow also included the United States and the Czech Republic in the list of “not friendly” countries.

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