Biden: ‘Disappointed that China and Russia did not come to the G20’ – World

Thanks to Italy for the G20 and hospitality, thanks to Draghi who did a great job“US President Joe Biden said at the closing press conference of the G20.” We have had very serious and productive meetings in recent days and we will continue in Glasgow, “he added.

“We have had very serious and productive meetings in recent days and will continue in Glasgow.”

“Everyone listened to me, everyone wanted to know how I felt, we had great support”, Biden added in response to a question about the fragility of the president at home and the divisions in Congress. “The agreements have shown America’s power when it engages,” Biden said.

“We will not switch to renewable energy overnight, in the meantime we will stop financing coal”, he added Biden. “It is unrealistic to stop using petrol and gas all of a sudden, but we will reach zero emissions by 2050“, the president said again.

In his conference at the end of the G20 in Rome, Joe Biden said he was convinced that his maxi plans for infrastructure, welfare and climate will go to Congress.

“Covid has had serious consequences on the supply chain. The economy is changing and the US needs to keep up“.

The G20 has achieved “tangible” results on climate, pandemic and the economy, Biden explained.

The US president said he was “disappointed” that Russia and China “did not come” to the G20.

Then the Pope: “All this is very personal. Pope Francis became a person who gave my family great comfort when my son died“Biden said, very moved.” He is a very empathetic person, it was really a great relief to us when I lost a part of my soul, my son Beau, “said the president with a broken voice, recalling when the Papa prayed in Philadelphia with his family before leaving. “He spoke for 15 minutes and not in a generic way, he knew what a man my son was,” he said.

Joe Biden invited 14 G20 countries invited to his initiative to intervene to solve the bottlenecks in the supply chain by making it “diversified”, “safe” and “transparent” and announced that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will chair at the beginning next year a summit to bring together the key parties involved and chart a way forward, the White House said. “Now that we have seen how vulnerable these lines of global trade can be, we cannot go back to ‘business as usual’,” he cautioned, unveiling some new measures he has taken. These include the allocation of additional funds to help American partners reduce congestion in ports, including by streamlining bureaucracy.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, although vaccinated, tested positive for Covid-19 days after he gave up on President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe because some of his family members were found to be infected. She made it known herself, specifying that she last saw Biden last Tuesday outside, with the mask and respecting the social distancing.