Biden driven by the support of influential South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn – live | United States News

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A candidate stands out as a leader with the qualifications, history and tenacity to defend the principles of democracy, bring justice to an economy that excludes too many Americans and advance a progressive agenda. It would fight against corruption and corporate influence that distorts our policy, lifts working families and combats armed violence and climate change. That candidate is Elizabeth Warren …

Fearless and bright on his feet, Warren has the greatest potential among candidates to expose Trump’s weaknesses in a debate scenario.

Our senator takes her heart and head to elections in which both the future of our neighborhoods, the justice system and the planet are at stake. In that sense, there can be no doubt: Elizabeth Warren will fight for the integrity of our democracy and for the most vulnerable in our society. Massachusetts, and for that matter, South Carolina and other Super Tuesday states, should give you the opportunity to continue doing so.



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