Biden government discusses how many deaths are acceptable to declare the pandemic over

The News Page Politico published a report Monday that offered a glimpse into the Biden administration’s ruthless and cynical attempts to convince the American people that the coronavirus pandemic was officially over. According to three sources for the newspaper, Biden’s advisers have been discussing internally what would be a “common metric” for daily deaths that would be acceptable to the public and allow the pandemic to be declared over.

Such discussions are taking place under a president who declared last summer that America had entered an age of “freedom” from Covid-19. This was followed by a massive spike in infections and deaths that shook the population and once again brought the healthcare system to the brink of collapse. Vaccinations were presented as the crucial means to get the country out of the corona pandemic. While effective, they brought only limited relief.

Medical workers in protective gear transport a patient in front of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston on April 20, 2020 (AP Photo/Steven Senne) [AP Photo/Steven Senne]

Because this is an explosive topic and the publication of these calculations harbors a high potential for conflict, the three people spoke to each other Politico anonymous. Noisy Politico “Discussions that have been taking place across government, the outcome of which has not yet been made public, involved a scenario in which 200 or fewer Americans die every day. This figure was already being put forward before government officials decided against including it in pandemic planning.”

Politico reports: “The discussions were at least a first attempt to create the framework for a post-Covid world. According to one of the three people involved in last year’s talks, it was an attempt to gauge what the American public would ‘tolerate’. The person explained: ,500 deaths a day is too many. You still have as many deaths in one week as from the September 11 attacks. People would generally turn 100 [pro Tag] or less okay, or maybe 200.’”

What is behind these discussions?

These cold-blooded calculations show how White House officials — who are said to have sworn to protect and defend the populace — like insurance executives, weighing their income and expenses. The casual nature of these discussions makes it clear that such barbaric calculations are part of everyday life in the highest circles of the Biden administration.