Biden lashed out at Putin at the UN

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, accused his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to want end Ukraine’s “right to exist” and issued a strong warning about the use of nuclear weapons stating that “a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought.”

As soon as he began his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Biden mentioned the Russian president by name and said: “Putin assures that he had to act, because Russia was being threatened. No one threatened Russia. No one but Russia was the one who sought the conflict”.

assured that the war was the “choice” of one man, Putin, and accused him of wanting to “erase” Ukraine from the map, in a “blatant” violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the founding document of the organization and axis of the global liberal order created after World War II.

“This war seeks to end Ukraine’s right to exist, simply put,” Biden lashed out. The US president condemned the actions taken in recent hours by Putin, who has ordered the partial mobilization of 300,000 Russian reservists for the war in Ukraine.

Nuclear weapons and non-proliferation

In addition, Biden accused Putin of doing “irresponsible threats about the use of nuclear weapons”after the Russian leader promised to protect his country “by all means” and said that those who seek to “blackmail” with atomic weapons must know that “the compass rose can turn against them.”

After condemning the Russian actions, Biden took the opportunity to warn of other “worrying trends”” in the field of nuclear proliferation, not only because of Russia, but also because of the policies from China, North Korea and Iran.

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In the case of Iran, Biden said he is ready to go back to 2015 nuclear dealabandoned by the United States during the Donald Trump administration, as long as Tehran fulfills its obligations.

“The United States is clear: we will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. I still think that diplomacy is the best way to achieve this result,” he said.

More broadly, Biden called on everyone to recommit to strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime and assured that, regardless of what happens in the rest of the world, the United States is willing to seek measures to control this type of weapon.

The global food crisis

Biden also spoke during his speech about the food crisis, aggravated by the crisis in Ukraine and that threatens impoverished or developing countries with famine.

In this regard, the president announced 2.9 billion dollars in aid, an amount that adds to the 6.9 billion dollars that his government has already allocated this year to food security projects around the world.

Would the UN Security Council be changed?

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, the president assured that he would support a change in the Security Council of that body, a body to which only the powers have had access.

“The United States supports increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent representatives on the Council,” Biden told the UN General Assembly. “This includes permanent seats for those nations that we have supported for a long time, topermanent seats for countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The United States is committed to this vital work,” she added.

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That and other notes framed his speech at the annual event that takes place in New York, from where the pulse of global politics is measured.