Biden says it remains to be seen whether he will run for re-election – VG

AGE: President Joe Biden turns 80 in November.

US President Joe Biden says he has not yet decided whether he will run for another term in 2024.


Updated yesterday 05:19

The president, who turns 80 in November, has always pointed out that he has an intention of re-election, but now says in an interview with 60 Minutes on CBS that it remains to be seen.

– It is far too early to make that type of decision. I have great respect for fate. So what I’m focusing on now is doing my job, says Biden.

– You say it is too early. Does it mean that you yourself have not decidedasks the presenter.

– My intention is to ask again. But it is only an intention. Is it a fixed decision if I run again? It remains to be seen, says Biden.

He also promises to come up with an answer within what he calls “reasonable time frames”.

Bad polls

Biden continues to score low in opinion polls. According to the website FiveThirtyEight, which measures the average of American polls, less than 43 percent of Americans believe that he is doing a good job.

Nevertheless, its popularity has grown somewhat among young Americans, after Biden presented a plan in August to erase parts of student debt.

The Republican victory in changing abortion rights in the “Roe” decision also appears to have created wind in the sails of the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections in November.

Where is Kamala Harris?

If Biden should not run for re-election in two years, the big question is who can be his successor.

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Kamala Harris was hailed as historic when she became vice president after the 2020 election, but after two years, many believe she has become invisible in the role.

Harris was noted as a former attorney general, congresswoman and as fierce in debates against both opponents and Biden himself. But after she became vice-president, she has created several negative headlines in the media.

Like when sources came out in the Washington Post and told about dissatisfaction within the staff.

Harris is nevertheless, as she was when she took the seat, still the favorite to take over, should Biden give up.

Trump’s hints

Although Donald Trump is well underway with his own public meetings in several states, in order to mobilize Republican voters before the mid-term elections, there have also been no promises from the former president to challenge Biden in 2024.

Trump has gone to great lengths to suggest that he is running, but has never confirmed this. Nor on specific questions from journalists.

Regardless of whether both throw themselves into a new presidential election campaign, or whether they do not, it is in any case certain that the outcome of the by-elections in less than 50 days will have a lot to say about Biden’s political impact going forward.

If the Democrats end up in the minority in the Senate or the House of Representatives, it will be difficult for the sitting president to get policies through at all.