Biden talks “near” with Chinese President-Bloomberg considers easing tariffs on China

US President Joe Biden said he would meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping “nearby” on the 18th, and said he was considering the possibility of easing tariffs on China sanctions introduced by the former Trump administration.

When asked by reporters whether he had decided to lift some of the tariffs, Mr. Biden replied, “We are in the middle of it,” and said, “We are in the process of making our own decisions.”

US-China Leaders Online Talks (November 15, 2021)

Photographer: Sarah Silbiger/UPI/Bloomberg

The Biden administration is considering the treatment of sanctions tariffs imposed by the former Trump administration on imports worth about $ 300 billion (about 40 trillion yen) from China. While some US companies benefit from being protected from competition with Chinese products, companies in the manufacturing sector and other sectors that use Chinese products as components have been hit.

Mr Biden didn’t specifically say when he would meet President Xi, but only said, “I’m going to meet him.”

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Biden Says He’ll Talk to Xi ‘Soon,’ Weighing Tariff Easing (1)(抜粋)

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