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The former US vice president Joe Biden It was imposed this Sunday in the Wyoming state caucuses, voted by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic and that took place after the leftist senator Bernie Sanders withdrew from the race for the Democratic nomination for the November presidential elections and endorsed his old rival.

The Democratic Party revealed that Biden prevailed with 72.2%, with which he obtained ten delegates, while Sanders reached 27.8% of the vote, which represents four delegates facing the national convention of that political force.

The deadline for voting, which was held by mail, was extended after it was initially set until April 4. This Sunday, Biden spoke on his Twitter account about the deaths caused by coronavirus in the country, which on this day exceeded 40,000.

In a message after the statistics were released, Biden said that he and his wife, Jill biden, they have in their prayers the loved ones of the more than 40,000 people who have lost their lives in the midst of the pandemic in the country.

“This is a solemn day for our nation and there will be more difficult days ahead, but if we join, we will overcome this,” said the former vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Also this Sunday the public radio station NPR revealed that Tara Reade, who was part of the junior staff in Biden’s office when he was a senator, accused him of sexually assaulting her in 1993, although the report stated that the campaign by the Democratic leader denies that claim and alleges that this incident “did not happen.”

NPR indicated that Reade, now 56 years old and who resides in California, claims to have filed a police complaint a little over a week ago with the District of Columbia Police, after alleging that she was concerned for his safety after being the victim of “online harassment”.

The station added that it obtained confirmation of the report from a police source and that it has requested the complete document, but clarified that although the investigation is open, the deadline to process the complaint of an alleged assault has expired.

In April of last year, Amy Lappos accused Biden of touching her inappropriately, although “non-sexual«, During a fundraising event in 2009. The revelation came days after former Nevada state congresswoman Lucy Flores pointed to the former vice president giving him a kiss without consent on the head during the campaign for the 2014 state and legislative elections .


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