Biden would pay $ 450,000 to migrants separated from their families by Trump

Biden faces multi-million dollar claims over Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy. At least 940 migrant lawsuits. On average they ask for 3.4 million dollars

Million dollar lawsuits of migrants against the US government
Million dollar lawsuits of migrants against the US government

Regeneration, October 29, 2021. In the US media it is highlighted that Biden prepares to negotiate million-dollar lawsuits from migrant families separate in the era of President Trump.

It is about 940 claims made by migrant families, which are supported by organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

And it is that, on average what they ask is 3.4 million dollars per family separated in 2018 by the provisions of Donald Trump.

In this sense, the Wall Street Journal published that said union for civil liberties identifies at least 5,500 children affected having been separated from their families.

The current president’s proposal

In view of the above, different journalistic sources affirm that the administration of President Biden is preparing a counter offer to the plaintiffs.

Is about a joint proposal between the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services.

Same that would consist ofn Pay up to one million dollars to each family and compensation of 450 thousand dollars per affected person.

In addition, said newspaper explained that Advocates for migrants invoke physical and mental trauma on children who were separated from their parents.

The lawsuit would include, in addition to monetary compensation, a way to stay legally in the country, According to the report.

The testimonials

Among the testimonies is that of the National Alliance for Immigration Litigation, which represents five mothers and their children separated for more than two months.

This, including four children who were sent to detention centers In New York.

“No amount of money can compensate for the amount of pain and suffering these parents and children endured under this unprecedented and inordinate policy.”.

The above in statements of Trina Realmuto, executive director of said National Alliance for Immigration Litigation.