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Biden's campaign tries to set up his African-American base with a park dedicated to HBCUs


Former Vice President Joe Biden visits students at the University of Texas Southern in Houston in September 2019. (Photo: Frederic J. Brown / AFP through Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, Joe Biden's presidential campaign is to launch a program designed to support students in colleges and universities that are black to black, focusing on usability as an integral part of the park for students.

The new effort is about addressing Biden's strong support from African-American voters. While Biden has strong black support in the key statistics, a national poll shows that young African-American voters are not sharing Biden's enthusiasm and are likely to support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is part of a larger trend with overall youth voting.

Biden's position as a pioneer in Democratic primary school has supported the support of African-American voters in favor of him. And in the final weeks before the Democratic primary voters lead the polls, the Biden team aims to promote its support among African-American youth by highlighting its plans for black colleges and universities. to black.

As part of the “HBCU for Biden Students” program, campaign centers will visit HBCUs around the country to raise the deputy presidency plan to provide increased funding for these schools. The Biden campaign team will train student leaders to organize their campuses.

The campaign is starting at the same time and will launch a four-day “South Carolina Soul of the Nation” bus tour, featuring HBCU student leaders and other campaign representatives at key African-American schools. So early states. The Biden campaign also provided a web video arguing that it is offering “the real presidency plan for HBCUs in our history.” T

“Historically, black American middle-class colleges and universities have taken American, and Joe Biden knows that this is the backbone of our country,” says the storyteller.

Addressing the key challenges of more progressive Democrats with stronger youth support, Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, Biden and his staff have said that he has a more realistic chance of combating President Trump. His TV ad highlighted Biden on the Tuesday the opinion polls showing his margins against Trump in the main battlefields.

Even when the opinion polls suggest that young people are not enthusiastic about the former Vice President, Mayor Atlanta Keisha said Lance Bottoms, one of the African-American representatives of Biden, with Yahoo News she believes there is excitement about Trump removal from office. Finally, young people will be predicted around Biden if he gets the Democratic nomination.

“I hear people who make this story that people aren't excited or not. The story is that we need people to go and vote, ”said Bottoms. “You can be enthusiastic for as long as you go and vote. You can overcome with joy as far as you go and vote. No matter what your feelings are, we only need people to go and vote. ”

And Biden's allies believe that young people in Africa-America are likely to move towards it because of its connection with the community. Bottoms expressed Biden's strength to black voters as she said “the authentic nature of her relationship with the African-American community.” T

According to Bottoms, one of these roots is that Biden worked with a large black population in his home state of Delaware and is the only dominant democratic candidate from a state with HBCU.

But Biden's main factor with black voters who mentions Bottoms and other allies is that he was vice-president of the first African-American chief commander, Barack Obama. By Bottoms, Biden's work in conjunction with Obama resulted in “affection” and “respect” to “deep running” in the black community.

“For many African Americans, we are not lost to an older white man who was willing to stand behind a young African-American man and join his team as No. 2, ”Bottoms said under Biden. "Perhaps that is something that could be very subtle to many people, but for African-Africans, it is a very strong sign."

Representative Cedric Richmond, D-La., Who was a former chairman of the blackcus black curator, co-chair of Biden's campaign, said the numbers were "so strong in the African-American community because of his and suggested that Obama's willingness to partner with him supported his preliminary record.

“President Obama, just like the rest of African-Africans, looked at all his testimony and decided that he was a person who deserves support and, in the case of President Obama, he decided to t the second most important man in the United States to do, ”said Richmond.

Nia Page, the student government president at Spelman College, HBCU in Atlanta, will be one of the co-chairs of the HBCU students for Biden and is traveling to colleges as part of a South Carolina bus tour. Page said that she had been drawn to Biden because of her experience and connections with Obama.

“He has the greatest expertise, and he also worked with Obama,” said Page de Biden.

Democratic 2020 presidency Former Vice President Joe Biden is calling for self-visiting students at the Texas University Student Life Center in Houston, Texas on September 13, 2019. (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) BROWN / AFP through Getty Images)

Biden's political career has lasted about fifty years and, as competitors tried to call her black support, they have asked her past opinions and aspects of her recording. Bottoms, the Atlanta mayor, announced her support to Biden in June last after Sen Kamala Harris, D-Calif, attacked him for his advance position on a bus in Delaware's. stage of debate.

“These moments are increasing but at the end of the day, it is about knowing someone and knowing their hearts,” said Bottoms.

As well as highlighting its usability and its link with Obama, Biden's campaign hopes that this new initiative will promote its policies to HBCU directly to school student bodies. Historically, Black Colleges and Universities were established during segregation and were a key resource for African Americans, particularly in the South, seeking education. Many of the schools, which include a mix of public and private institutions, developed a distinctive iconic culture. Despite this rich history, in the years since then, the enrollment of HBCUs has declined, which has received a “death spiral” and many are closed for doors.

The HBCU Biden plan requires over $ 70 billion to address funding differences between these schools, other institutions serving minorities, and traditional white colleges. This money includes $ 10 billion in programs designed to increase retention, enrollment and employment rates after they have been awarded to HBCU students.

While Biden has committed more money to HBCUs than his major competitors, it is not the only candidate who has attempted to reinforce these institutions. In 2017, shortly after taking office, President Trump indicated that he would make HBCU a priority. Trump subsequently signed a $ 250 million funding package for schools.

Richmond, co-chair of the colleague and Biden's campaign, said he believes Trump's support of HBCUs is “concave” and “honest”. Graduate students in African American America were napping in their dorm room and a situation where black men were arrested by Starbucks.

“You can't say that, orm I care about HBCUs, 'but you don't care for the black pupils who go to them. You have created a intolerance environment, ”said Richmond. “You know all the stories, the stories by Living by Black and that is a direct relationship from Donald Trump and will cover these great ideologies.” T

Biden's progressive democratic competitors also announced initiatives to assist HBCU. Warren recommended $ 50 billion of discretionary funding to HBCUs and other minority institutions. While this figure is less than Biden suggested, Warren has also recommended the cancellation of student debt and the establishment of free tuition in public colleges that could benefit many sons. HBCU students. Sanders asked for $ 15 billion funding to go to HBCU graduate programs, infrastructure and student debt. He asked him to make the teaching of all private and private HBCUs and instructors of the servers free of charge. Biden. The education plan includes two years of free community college and the destruction of some student debt, which its allies have suggested is more realistic than Sanders and Warren platforms.

Eventually, the subject of HBCU Biden pitch is variable and its campaign claims that it is the most likely candidate to overcome Trump.

Obviously some of the Democrats are not displaced under Biden. There is even a meme on the social media site TikTok where teenagers take, “Don't vote for Joe Biden. But Richmond offered a simple message to young people who preferred the policies that progressive Biden competitors put forward on education and other issues.

“I would like to remind one of the first rules of service that you cannot control if you can't win,” said Richmond. “No matter what your thoughts are, they don't go anywhere if you can't win the election.” T

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