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In the HLN Original ‘Bekende Viervoeters’ Bieke Ilegems and Erik Goossens introduce their dog Balu. Balu has been part of their lives for nine years. Their vision for the future is also discussed. “I don’t want to worry about what other people think of me. I’ve done that too many times in the past.”


16 aug. 2022

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16-08-22, 08:57

Laurence Van Tongerloo has met Bieke Ilegems, Erik Goossens and their dog Balu on a terrace at the Vrieselhof in Antwerp. In their conversation with Laurence, Bieke and Erik talk about things they can really enjoy. “Enjoyment for me is: having a day for you with very few obligations”, says Bieke. Her other half Erik enjoys getting up early again. “I get up around five o’clock every day. Those are blissful hours,” he says convincingly.


In addition, the couple also talks about their life with their four-legged friend. After nine years with Balu, Bieke Ilegems has become a real animal lover, but that was different in the past. “I come from a family that doesn’t like animals. I had to learn that. I didn’t grow up with animals.”

Bieke and Erik also talk about the future with Laurence. The couple has a very clear answer to the question: what do you want to be when you grow up? “I don’t want to worry about what other people think of me, other people please or wanting to meet the expectations of others. I’ve done that too often in the past,” says Bieke. “I want to go to the core.” Something Erik in turn can only agree with. Although it turns out that this is not always easy for him. “It remains a quest.”

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