Big and Nimble, Inter Milan Have American Football Style Strikers

Inter Milan player Romelu Lukaku celebrates after scoring against Genoa in Luigi Ferraris, 26 July 2020. (c) AP Photo – Romelu Lukaku’s sharpness at Inter Milan really impressed the coach. Antonio Conte believes Lukaku has extraordinary speed and strength for a soccer player’s size.

Latest, Lukaku bought up two goals when Inter crushed Genoa 3-0 in the Serie A match continued on Sunday (7/26/2020) early morning hrs. In total, the Belgian striker has already scored 23 goals for Inter in the League.

Note that is quite impressive for the size of the players who just underwent their first season. The Lukaku adaptation process went smoothly, without significant obstacles.

That’s why Conte believes that his striker is one of the best in matters of attacking opponents, even looks like an American Football player.

Why is that? Scroll down yes, Bolaneters!

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As hot as American Football

According to Conte, Lukaku is not an ordinary striker. Not only big, but also nimble. Strikers like this are what the opposing defenders will be afraid of. The combination of strength and speed makes Lukaku like an American Football player.

“Romelu is a unique footballer because despite reaching 1.9 meters high, he is also very agile,” Conte said at a press conference session.

“He moves as a target point, but he can also attack like an American Football player from the middle of the field.”

“I insist on bringing him here and he can still develop his touch. He is still 27 years old and will continue to grow,” he added.

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Said Lukaku

Lukaku himself said he was happy to be able to score goals that helped Inter, slick individual nicks. Even so, he also felt disappointed because Inter could not really bother Juventus.

“On a personal level, I’m happy, but I think at the team level, we should be better,” Lukaku said.

“We have a good team. It’s not easy to stay second, because we really want to win. However, we have to try to secure the highest position possible and I want to help do it.

“We have lost too many points, but this team is still young and wants to grow,” he concluded.

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