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"Big Brother 16", having to leave the House is Audrey

In the second episode comes the Lemme tornado and one of the De André sisters

ITSELF – Barbara d'Urso introduces the second episode of Grande Fratello 16 talking about the still uncertain entry of the De André, due to the legal warning that Cristiano De André has sent to the interested direct and Mediaset. Then the presenter tells briefly about Mila. who has often talked about her suffering, caused by the end of her love affair with the actor Alex Belli. According to Mila this break was caused by the intrusion of a third person, Delia. And it is with her that Barbara connects. Tonight Delia will face Mila and counter her accusations.

MILA – La d'Urso shows Mila a video that brings together all her week's outlets. The anger at the end of his story is still very strong and Barbara asks in no uncertain terms to the girl: "Are you still in love with Alex?", But the girl strongly denies; after all that has happened, Alex is just a past story: "I'm very angry though …". According to Mila, the break with Alex was certainly also due to the presence of Delia who, while the young Moroccan was still in the hospital for an operation immediately, was already about to move to Alex's house. Also Mila makes an even heavier accusation: "Delia was a married woman, while she was stealing the man".

DELIA VS MILA – After a surprise freeze, Delia appears in the presence of Mila, ready to defend her honor: she has never interfered in any story; the relationship between Mila and Alex had already been over for more than a month when she started dating the actor: "I'm here to clarify the accusations you made to me. I didn't go to your house to sleep in your bed, "Because that's a study. Alex and I got together a month after you left. Third our relationship started because there was a feeling and not because I brought other women with me. If you're here it's thanks to he".

After the freeze Mila counters: "You are good at talking, you prepared yourself very well. You were married, your husband told me everything. The people they know told me that you bring other women home for fun …". Delia then invites the Moroccan model to stop using Alex's name and hers to show off and be a victim, but to try to shine her own light, showing the person that she really is, detaching herself from Alex's role Belli and reveals: "Alex told me 'I regret having known Mila Suarez'". Barbara turns up her nose: "This is not nice. I don't believe it (…) He wanted to have a child with us ”. And we end up talking about having children, rebuilding noses … Mila, after the confrontation with Delia, is still very shaken, but her companions are ready to support her and stay close to her. They are certain that he is demonstrating the beautiful person he is every day.

LEMME ARRIVAL – A video announces the imminent arrival of Lemme. Malgioglio "threatens" to leave: "If he arrives, I'll go".

KARINA CASCELLA VS CRISTIAN – Karina enters the House to confront Cristian and reiterate his belief that the boy has resorted to aesthetic interventions to have the appearance that characterizes him today. During the week Cristian addressed Karina with an unhappy and easily misunderstood expression. In episode Cristian justifies himself by saying that what he really wanted to say was how much Karina was a woman with an incredibly strong character; even the columnist believes in the good faith of the boy, but invites him to remain calm and to try to better dose the words, given that his expressions could be misunderstood by the public at home.

JESSICA – Barbara invites Jessica into the Mystery Room, shows her the clip of the week in which the girl expressed all her love for her daughter Lara and told how Morgan, her father, has lost interest in her daughter right away. Barbara hopes that the experience of Big Brother can help Morgan get closer to Lara and Jessica. Then Jessica opens an envelope in which she finds a drawing that comes from her daughter and bursts into tears.

LEMME ENTERS THE HOUSE – The reception of the boys is contrasting; if Gennaro seems enthusiastic and says he is ready to leave the scepter of the kitchen in Lemme, Francesca De Andrè appears much more fierce: "If you are allowed to insult women, I assure you that Barbara will take care of making him last as a cat on the ring road" .

KIKO '- The man told his companions how much suffering he experienced during his separation from his wife Tina, having experienced this moment as a personal failure. With great humanity, however, the fragility and insecurities of Kikò also emerged, who admitted that always putting children first took him to suffer a lot and to feel very alone. For the future Kikò will try to think a little of himself, trying to find the man he was and who has now been overshadowed by his father. Obviously this will never mean omitting the immense love for children, but adding to that also a little love for oneself.

A COUPLE HAS BEEN BORN IN THE HOUSE – Barbara gathers the girls and shows them a clip in which she collected the most eloquent scenes of the past week in which the complicity between Mila and Gennaro was evident.

AND MAYBE ALSO ANOTHER – There is also a feeling between Gaetano and Martina and Barbara calls Kikò and Gatano in the mystery room to show them a clip of the week in which Kikò is seen as giving "paternal" advice to Gaetano.

NOMINATION DIRECTIVES – Barbara reads a statement explaining how the nominations will work: the males will make their nominations in a clear manner, the girls instead secretly. New arrivals cannot be named, neither Daniele nor Erica. Among the males the most voted are Enrico and Gianmarco. Among the girls, however, the most voted are Amber and Serena.



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