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Big Brother 16, Michael Terlizzi gay? "Roger Garth knows it"

Michael Terlizzi

Michael Terlizzi gay? The competitor of Big Brother 16 has denied, yet in his account we continue to make a lot of talk, especially after what is alleged by Christian Imparato, according to which the truth would be hidden.

But perhaps the mystery will soon be revealed. In the episode of Afternoon 5 of 12 April, in fact, the Ken Italian (aka Angelo Sanzio) stated that Roger Garth could know the truth. Not a muted departure for the son of Franco Terlizzi on the reality show.

Big Brother 16: Christian Imparato raises doubts about the sexuality of Michael Terlizzi

While Christian Imparato he was coming out, Michael gave him compliments, for his photo published on Instagram, while, sensual, posing naked in the shower. On the roommate Imparato he said that, as soon as he came into the House, just waving goodbye, he felt that something is hurting him. And maybe – he continues – it is understandable that perplexities about his sexual tastes are revealed to him, of a being that represses, perhaps for family reasons or for so many reasons that he poses, tends to cover by showing his virile side, but even a woman could doubt it as soon as it turns out he never had a story.

The Italian Ken: "Roger Garth knows the truth"

The statements made people feel bad Michael Terlizzi, which a Kikò Nalli he explained he doesn't go with any girl because in here none is his type. As long as it concerns him he can also go, but here the family is involved, with jokes that could hurt dad and mum. If he had been homosexual, no problems would have arisen, but this is absolutely not the case. He does not want someone to play on this because he does not consider it correct.

The topic was then debated on Afternoon 5: second Barbara D’Urso the singer is catching a crab and is making a mistake. However, they don't hunt gay. Then, even if it were – and it is not for the presenter – one must feel free to free when and how he wants, while Christian continually taps it to make him say it.

On the situation he intervened in the same episode of the talk show on Channel 5 on Ken Italian Angelo Sanzio, which explains, as the columnist Roger Garth, until a year ago, he was dating the boy. But he is unaware of what their type of relationship actually was. On Instagram they kept posting photos together and only Roger could know it and give beautiful lighting on Michael Terlizzi.


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