Big Brother: After expulsion, ‘Poppoca Mais Doce’ praises Débora: “It’s my winner!”

With 57% of the votes, Débora was the last contestant expelled in Big Brother 2021 and, because she was the most voted, “died on the beach” when she did not reach the final of this edition of reality show on New Year’s Eve from 2021 to 2022.

After arriving at the gala studio, the contestant received the opinion of Ana Garcia Martins: “I was saying here that I think Débora was the most wronged competitor in this program and the proof of that is being here today and not having a place in the final“, began by saying the commentator.

The biggest accusations made to him were of being boring, repetitive, of hiding food and if, in fact, these are his biggest faults I think they say a lot about him and the good person I believe he is. I think that in this final there are competitors with the ugliest and most serious defects and they are there anyway“, found the ‘Popcorn’.

Finally, Ana Garcia Martins praised Débora and ended up surprising the now former competitor: “Débora was very attacked, very aggressively at times, and always kept the same posture, a smile on her face, she was always able to overlook everything, maintain a resilience that I find absolutely enviable and exemplary for many people and I know that moral rewards are not they are of strictly nothing, but they are of some comfort and Débora is my winner“.

Surprised by the ragged compliments, Débora reacted: “So dear, thanks! I really wanted to know your opinion and I’m very satisfied.“.


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