Big disappointment at TSV Bayer Dormagen

2. Handball Bundesliga
Big disappointment at Höhenberg

The first game of the season of the second division handball team from TSV Bayer Dormagen in their own hall did not go as coach Matthias Flohr had imagined at his home premiere. It’s going to be difficult to win viewers back.

After the successful performance last Wednesday against the Ukrainian guest team from HC Motor Zaporozhye at the early start of the season as part of the Supercup in Düsseldorf, there was great hope that second division handball team TSV Bayer Dormagen would build on it in their first home game on Sunday against Dessau-Roßlauer HV be able. But nothing came of it, on the day after the 25:28 defeat there was a strong hangover on the Höhenberg.

“Now we have one win, one loss and zero points. And of course that doesn’t suit me at all,” said coach Matthias Flohr, referring to the fact that the win against Zaporozhye didn’t bring any points for the official table, but the defeat against DRHV did bring two negative points. Flohr had released his team on Monday after the English week with the cup and two league games to clear their heads. His job profile, on the other hand, includes dealing extensively with the unpleasant events of Sunday evening. “Of course, I imagined my premiere in front of my home audience very differently,” said Flohr. He showed understanding for the early phase, which was prone to errors on both sides, which from his point of view is quite normal for a game at the start of the season.

But while the guests arrived at some point in the game and then gave them a rock-solid performance to win, the Dormageners just didn’t get any consistency in their performance. There was no denying their will, after all they kept the game open despite a number of technical mistakes and missed throws en masse at 10:11 at the break and fought back again and again in the second half of the game, but the Dormageners then failed again and again at the decisive moment Annoy. The turning point did not succeed.

“Dessau punished our mistakes coldly in the second half. On the other hand, we responded to Dessau’s mistakes, which we forced through good defensive work, with our own technical mistakes and missed balls,” explained Flohr. Striking: The TSV players didn’t present themselves as a strong collective that couldn’t be disturbed by anything, as they did in the final phase of the previous season, but instead tried to initiate a turnaround through increasingly hectic individual actions. “We didn’t find the right solutions on offense and then at some point we unpacked the crowbar,” said Flohr.

For Björn Barthel, TSV handball manager, it was a throwback to the old days. “The last percent of conviction and biliousness were missing,” he said. On the one hand, his “extreme disappointment” refers to the lack of sporting earnings, on the other hand, such achievements are not good advertising for the handball location Dormagen. The TSV office has set itself the goal of getting back to the number of viewers from before the pandemic. At that time there were an average of around 1300 per home game, at the home premiere on Sunday there were 638, which in turn roughly corresponds to the average of the previous season. According to Barthel, however, the decline in viewers is a phenomenon that can also be observed in the competition. Now it’s about persuading the spectators who have left to return, but that doesn’t work with performances like against Dessau. “It’s certain that no one went home and advertised us to their neighbors. The task for our players is that we offer exciting handball at home,” emphasizes Barthel.

Although he doesn’t want to dramatize anything after the first home game, just like Matthias Flohr. “The team still has to find itself, it’s going through a process. But I’m still convinced of her,” says Barthel. Flohr initiated the development process with a few changes that he incorporated into TSV’s style of play. He had hoped that they would bear fruit earlier, but because there is now a weekend without a game, the new TSV coach has a little more time to continue working on it until the next home game against Konstanz. It starts on Tuesday. Flohr: “I’ll say clearly what wasn’t good and we’ll work on that. And there was a lot.”