Big gesture: Winner Ingolf Lück makes "Let's Dance" Cup!

Big gesture: Winner Ingolf Lück makes "Let's Dance" Cup!

Last Friday was Let’s dance Written history. Because comedian Ingolf Luck (60) is the world’s oldest winner of the dance show format. But also his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova (31) made something unprecedented: she became the first professional to win two years in a row the title. And thus stands for presenter Ingolf also firm: Not he, but the defending champion goes home with the trophy at the end. Still before Ingolf he was allowed to cheer on Friday evening, he announced live in the broadcast: If he follows in the footsteps of musicians Gil Ofarim (35), he would leave the trophy to Ekat. With this generous gesture, the father of two would like to thank his dance coach for the months-long collaboration and, of course, the title won. Ingolf but also knows that he has the victory next to Ekaterina thanks to the spectators who called him week after week. Therefore, the humorous actor has taken a lot of time for his fans after the brilliant finale on Friday , as could observe locally in Cologne-Ossendorf. Florian Ebener / Getty Images Gil Ofarim and Ekaterina Leonova, “Let’s Dance” winner of 2017 display Florian Ebener / Getty Images Ekaterina Leonova at the “Let’s Dance” -final 2018 in Cologne-Ossendorf display Getty Images Ekaterina Leonova and Ingolf Lück, “Let’s Dance” winner 2018 display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to:

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