Big panic at Saint-Louis hospital (video)

The worst was avoided thanks to the intervention of the maintenance service. The sick were evacuated as well as the nursing staff. In the meantime, psychosis will have won over the patients. More fear than harm. The director who spoke with the press to have the extinction of the beginning of fire announced the opening of an investigation will be opened by the Senelec in order to elucidate the causes of the incident. It must be said that the Saint-Louis hospital passes through areas of repetitive turbulence. Trade union movements have recently stepped up to alert the Government to the mismanagement of the structure. The assistance of the State and the financial moments of the care do not always allow the house to take off. Today, faced with recurring shortages of assets, the decline in the technical platform, the breakdown in dialogue with the social partners and the disparaged high cost of consultations, patients are fleeing the hospital to seek treatment in neighboring health centers.