Big Ramy is on his honeymoon with a new wife… and the old woman is shocked

The effects of the shock caused by the sudden second marriage of the Egyptian hero Mamdouh Al-Subaie, known as “Big Ramy”, are still continuing.

Olympia’s first wife revealed her shock at the news of her husband’s wedding for the second time, and his travels outside Egypt with his new bride for a honeymoon.

Marwa Al-Maghraby confirmed that she was surprised by the circulation of these photos, which she knows nothing about, and does not know the truth, saying in a statement to local media: “What pictures! And what passport? I see nothing and I do not know anything, and I have no information that I am getting married again.”

big shock

In turn, Muhammad Al-Subaie, the brother of “Big Ramy”, explained that the wife of the Olympia champion knew about the news after it was published in the media, and since then she has been in a state of great shock.

Big Ramy’s brother also continued, in media statements, that Big Rami’s first wife, like any Egyptian wife her husband married to, indicated that receiving the news of the marriage of the Olympia champion was very difficult.

It is noteworthy that Big Ramy has 3 daughters from his first wife, Marwa Al-Maghrabi: Lugina, 9, Dareen, 7, and Aisha, 3 years old.

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