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Big Screen by Vincent Ostria

McQueen by Ian Bonhôte, Peter Ettedgui

Hérault. Rock stars are a bit out of fashion. Great painters too. Even the death of a filmmaker like Milos Forman went unnoticed. From now on, we are interested in restaurant chefs and the fashion designers make a recipe. See the films on Yves Saint-Laurent, Paul Thomas Anderson's fiction "Phantom Thread"; or the excitement of Karl Lagerfeld's disappearance. This explains the fact that we are celebrating in this film a fairly recent figure of clothing: Alexander McQueen, a 40-year-old suicide, who had as his asset a spectacular conception of fashion – something that speaks to our contemporaries. In short, convincing documentary about this decadent esthete, reflecting our dark era …

We the animals from Jeremiah Zagar

Rough draft. There is something vaporous in this chronicle of the existence of three (small) brothers of Latin origin. We remain on the surface of this story of siblings in freewheeling, where parents shine by their irresponsibility. A way to preach a rough and wild form of freedom, in the jungle of the cities or their periphery, while underlining this drift by notations and artistic gestures. In the first place, the filmic work, which wants to be agitated and graphic, flirting with the aesthetics of the video clip. This is corroborated by a character, a child, witness and commentator of the story. A lot of impressionism and transgression for not much. Charming without more.

Honeymoon from Ioana Icaru

swing. Oddly titled "Lemonade" in V.O., this film has a French title more plausible, although cynical. Indeed, there is talk of a marriage. But for the honeymoon, the heroine will come back. Mara, a Romanian nurse in the United States who marries one of her patients, is marrying to see her American naturalization become a nightmare. This quasi-autobiographical film explores, without complacency, the ins and outs of immigration to America. Edifying board. Alas, apart from that, nothing really exists. Mara's husband and son are mere pawns of the demonstration. Or how a realistic movie can miss some flesh.


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