Big tension on an EasyJet flight because of a passenger who refuses to put on his mask, the police had to intervene (video)

Clearly, EasyJet flights are not easy and this period of health crisis. Earlier this week, we told you about this woman who, angry, got up from her seat, without a mask, before cursing all the passengers. She then coughed on them, before stepping out of the device.

This time, it was on a flight from Manchester that a passenger went wild on September 6. On images broadcast by the DailyMail, we can indeed see a man who refuses to wear his mask to address all the passengers: “We are lying to you”, he says in particular, clearly not convinced by the need to wear a mask. “The longer you put on these masks, the longer it will continue,” he then blurted out.

The rebellious passenger will then invite the other passengers to remove their masks. His wife, not very proud, will try to bring him to his senses, but will quickly regret it: “Shut up, idiot”, he let go, before pushing her away.

The tension will rise again and several passengers will then intervene. EsayJet airline confirmed that the police had to intervene.



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