Big turnover in Britain. The crisis has forced the Johnson government to offer thousands of temporary visas

The UK will issue 10,500 temporary work visas to truck drivers and poultry workers to alleviate their chronic shortage. The government announced this on Saturday and thus made a 180-degree turnaround in post -rexit immigration policy, writes the AFP news agency.

The short-term visas that Britain will issue from next month until the end of December come at a time when ministers are addressing the shortage of drivers and other key staff, adversely affecting fuel supplies and other industries.

Great advice on pumps

The shortage of fuel tanker drivers has been causing great advice at petrol stations in recent days, with people ignoring government requests not to buy fuel in a panic. Due to its lack, several services had to be closed.

The decision to extend the visa system for important workers is a turning point in the policies of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government has tightened post -rex immigration rules and argued that Britain’s reliance on foreign labor must end.

The government has resisted the measure for several months, despite an estimated 100,000 heavy truck drivers missing and warnings from various sectors that supplies are running low.

However, Transport Minister Grant Shapps said he was acting and would secure the announced broader package of measures “usually” pre – christmas preparations.

“Industries must also play a role in further improving working conditions and deservingly raising wages for companies to retain new drivers.” dodal Shapps.

The new measures will focus on rapidly increasing the number of new domestic drivers. The Ministry of Education and partner agencies are investing millions of pounds in training 4,000 people to drive heavy trucks. They will create new so-called “training camps”to speed up this process.

It has affected many industries

The shortage of truck drivers has also affected British factories, restaurants and supermarkets in recent weeks and months. The US McDonald’s network ran out of milkshakes and bottled drinks last month, the fast food giant KFC had to remove some items from its menu, and the Nando’s restaurant chain temporarily closed some operations due to a lack of chickens.

Supermarkets also warn of a shortage of products before Christmas – Iceland’s frozen food company and Tesco are worried.