BIJ1 mud fight continues, Quinsy Gario calls party wasp nest

Quinsy Gario, the disowned number 2 of BIJ1, joined Op1 to explain the discord. He calls the party a ‘wasp’s nest’ and lists a number of things that he criticized internally. For example, the plan to use the death of George Floyd in a campaign film, embracing a vaccination requirement, canceling a debate about Muslim discrimination. In addition, according to his own words, he filed a complaint about bullying within the party in vain. The atmosphere was so bad that he didn’t feel safe enough to attend the match results night. A confidential adviser had to intervene, he said.

According to Gario, a frame is being created in which the conflict revolves around clashing currents within the party, where one current chooses radical equality as its goal and the other wants to keep insisting on anti-racism. Gario declares that one cannot exist without the other. He says the real problem is that some of the members see BIJ1 as “a social club” and are “cosplaying politics”. Moreover, the organization would not be in order. “It’s a mess at the party and if you say something about it, you get this.”

Gario is asked several times about his reaction to the allegations and whether he realizes that his stance may have been incorrect, but he does not want to go into that. He says he has never seen the report criticizing his behavior and on the basis of which he was advised to be expelled from the membership. The complainants want to remain anonymous, so he has seen no reason to find out who it is or to contact them. Numerous lies were said to have been told at the party meeting.

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The dismissed candidate opens the attack on party leader Simons en passant. “I was warned from the start, beware of her.”

Sylvana Simons, who declined an Op1 invitation to speak, then posted an English quote on Instagram on Tuesday: “Be careful who you let on board your ship because some will sink the whole ship just because they are not the captain themselves. can be.”

This is not well received by everyone, according to the responses: “I hope you didn’t post this yourself, but that you were hacked. You are better than this.”