On the bonus of up to € 500 for the purchase of bikes and scooters, the government risks a gigantic click day with the consequent disappointment of many who will remain out of the incentive, due to the exhaustion of funds. With the aggravating circumstance that many have already bought the two-wheeled vehicle. Probably aware of this situation, the Minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli, in the Senate hearing, said it was necessary to put more resources on the bonus. Even the Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa, on the same line, and urged the 5-star parliamentarians to do this during the conversion of the decree law Raising the Chambers. The decree has allocated just 120 million. Assuming an average bonus of 250 euros, the funds would be enough for only 480 thousand purchases.

Insufficient funds

Considering that the incentive can be asked by all adults of age residing in municipalities with at least 50 thousand inhabitants and that the measure also covers purchases already made from May 4 onwards and many types of means easy to predict that the money will be insufficient compared to the requests . To realize this, it is easy to observe the surge in purchases that has occurred in the main cities in recent weeks.

Spid and invoice

The bonus, governed by Article 229 of the Relaunch Law Decree aimed at promoting alternative mobility to the car, to relieve traffic and the use of public transport, which at this stage must travel empty vehicles to respect interpersonal distancing. The law provides that the state accepts up to 60% of the purchase price incurred for bicycles, as well as pedal-assisted, as well as vehicles for personal mobility with mainly electric propulsion, such as segways, hoverboards, scooters and monowheels or for use. shared mobility services for individual use excluding those using cars.

How the bike bonus (and scooters) work

The bonus covers precisely 60% of the expenditure but it can never exceed 500 euros. To obtain it, you need to use an online platform that will be made available on the website of the Ministry of the Environment. But only after the inter-ministerial application decree (Environment and Economy) has been signed, the minister’s collaborators explain, adding that since it is a complex platform, the times will not be short, so much so that the rule allows 60 days from the publication of the decree. in the Official Gazette (which took place on May 19) for its realization. To access it you need to have Spid credentials. Those who purchased the vehicle from 4 May until the moment they can access the platform will be able to request a refund of 60% of the expense (and in any case no more than 500 euros) by attaching the invoice (the receipt is not enough). Those who purchase later – provided that there are still funds available – will instead be able to obtain a voucher from the platform with which to obtain the discount directly from the seller. In theory, the bonuses can be claimed until December 31, 2020. But if the 120 million fund is not refinanced, the resources will end very soon.

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