Bikecenter integrates value guarantee products –

Dealer Center Digital GmbH, best known for the digital POS device Bikecenter, integrates the products of the Hanover-based specialist insurer Wertgarantie.

Retailers can now use the digital sales and advice terminal Bikecenter also on the Wert guarantee– Access insurance products. All relevant information is now available digitally, from the drive and battery to the range and frame size, through to the assumption of repair costs and pick-up service with a value guarantee.

“Our digital sales tool offers useful functions that support the dealer in advising the customer,” says Oliver Ertelt, Bikecenter founder and managing director. “With the integration of value guarantee, information on insurance benefits is now also available quickly and easily. At the same time, customers and dealers can take out insurance for the new bike directly in the shop.”

“Successful digitization is vital for survival in specialist retail,” emphasizes Sören Hirsch, Head of Value Guarantee Bike. “The bike center shows in practice how digital tools can positively support the shopping experience in specialist shops. We are pleased that all information about our products is available here interactively for customers!”

2023-06-02 12:02:48

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