Bikers parade throughout France against the limitation to 80 km / h

Bikers parade throughout France against the limitation to 80 km / h

Emmanuel Macron recalled this week his desire to complete this reform, which aims to reduce mortality on secondary roads.
Thousands of bikers and angry motorists demonstrated Saturday in several cities of la France for denounce the future limitation to 80 km / h of speed on secondary roads. AT Lyon 600 people gathered early in the afternoon, according to the Rhone prefecture.
“President Macron does not want retreat . We neither. It is time for him to understand it. Why to hire an experiment when the facts show that it did not work? ” asked Julien, assistant coordinator of the event organized by the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists (FFMC).
Other gatherings were held in several other cities of France, sometimes very fed. AT Strasbourg , more than 2 000 bikers have thus invested the place of the Republic, where hovered a strong smell of burned tire, found a journalist of the AFP.
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“Support is growing. When Edouard Philippe says he’ll stay right in the boots, we want him say that we, the boots, we know, and we will remain so too ” assured François Dillenseger, coordinator for Bas-Rhin, before continuing:
“The 80’s is a smoke screen. It will not save life. Already, this is going cost a lot of money, signs, roads to develop . Measures against mobile phones, it’s justified, I’m for. But the 80s … Even at Denmark they went from 80 to 90 over two years. ”
Emmanuel Macron unyielding
The same scenes have thus been repeated Clermont-Ferrand , Toulouse , Orleans and Grenoble , or in Britain and in the department of Orne.
The government announced on January 9 a plan to road safety providing for the reduction from 90 km / h to 80 km / h of the maximum authorized speed on 400 000 km of secondary roads. Main argument put forward by the authorities: these roads concentrated 55% of the fatal accidents in 2016.
But the measure is very far from make unanimity in public opinion: according to an AXA Prevention poll published earlier this week, 76% of French people remain opposed to the lowering of the speed limit.
Thursday, April 12, on TF1, Emmanuel Macron however recalled his wish to to put in place this measure. “Our blood has warmed up,” because “It annoys the French that we regulate the road” still recognized the head of state. He also announced two “Commitments” : the money collected by the contraventions will be granted to “Hospitals that treat the wounded of the road” and if the reform “Is not effective” , “We will not keep it” .
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