bikini selfie for Marine Lorphelin, Hatik’s abs … (PHOTOS)

What’s new on planet Instagram? Some have flown to sunny countries, others have posed with their loved ones … Come on, we’ll show you everything you shouldn’t miss on the accounts of our favorite people in recent days!

After work, it’s time to laze around for rapper Hatik, whose real name is Clément Penhoat. The 28-year-old artist, who was alongside Franck Gastambide on the set of season 2 of the series Valid, flew across the Atlantic a few weeks after competing in the NRJ Music Awards 2020 and to Victoires de la Musique 2021, from which he unfortunately left empty-handed. But what better way to unwind than the sun in Tulum, Mexico? The one who had posed with a mysterious stranger notably visited the Mayan ruins in the company of his beautiful, before tasting a huge slice of cream cake. A gluttony that does not prevent him from having beautiful abs, as he has proven shirtless … A cliché hot to find here.

Shirtless Hatik, Marine Lorphelin and Sarah Lopez in bikini …

But Hatik wasn’t the only celebrity who was hot, very hot. So is Sarah Lopez, divine in a bandana-patterned bikini in Dubai, actress Maria Pedraza, star ofElite and The Money Heist, who posed topless on the beach in Cuba or Yamina des Anges, obviously in a feline mood. For her part, Marine Lorphelin, in love with her husband Christophe despite their age difference, was so happy with her new swimsuit model that she could not help but take a selfie in a bathroom. dreams in New Caledonia, where she was recently knocked out after falling on a wakeboard. But more fear than harm!

Stars with family and friends

During that time, we were a fan of the program of two friends Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty, which consisted of drinking margaritas while remaking the world (in moderation of course). Caroline Ithurbide, she made a new boyfriend in Avoriaz while Kate Beckinsale proved that her adorable furry companion blended completely into the background. Is your mother your best friend too? This is in any case the case of the future mother Christina Milian, who ignited the canvas in lingerie, and her elder Violet … And it is still growing on the side of Barbara Opsomer, who had revealed her pregnancy in January, and Liam Di Benedetto, soon to be a mother for the second time.

We liked : the natural selfie, without makeup or filter, of actress Olga Kurylenko.

We liked less : the very, very, very close-up of Kylie Jenner on her makeup.

All these photos and much more are to be discovered in our special Instagram slideshow this way.


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