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Bilbao already has the first school of digital illustration. Deia, News from Bizkaia

Bilbao– The most common shades for color printing give name to the first school of digital illustration in Bilbao. "We are CMYK, acronyms of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black)", spells Paul Caballero, the driver, along with his brother Iñigo, of this center, located on Sabino Arana Avenue, 59. "Although curiously everyone He says Cemic, so the school will have to be rechristened, "he jokes. Fundamentally, the fact is that the capital of Bizkaia has for the first time a specific space to train digital illustrators in the editorial, advertising and comic book fields. The first course as such will begin in October -the registrations are already open- and will last two years. But this school has already drawn its first lines with monthly sessions.

"This project was born because the two partners, my brother Iñigo and I, had to go to Madrid to study to be illustrators because there was no firm offer here, and after returning years ago, to be trained as illustrators and have an extensive work journey, we thought it was a good option to create a center in Madrid like Madrid, so to speak, but without having a relationship, and thus encourage a stream of authors to form here and create their work here, "explains Paul , who loves stories. In fact, as soon as he finished his studies in Madrid, he launched "a collection that was called Therapists and that addressed common pathologies of children, like peeing in bed. " Advertising, commissions of illustration, stories and even television make up the lively way of Paul, motivated now with the fruits that CMYK can give.

Registration campaign"We are in the middle of the registration campaign for the course, which will be two years between the months of October and July. We have the doldrums that we are not regulated, that it is not going to university and leaving with a degree. Although we are honest, it is not that there is a degree in this field, apart from the fact that it is not something that they ask of you when it comes to work. But we have the support and endorsement of the City Council because we are born through Bilbao Ekintza, "says Iñigo.

His brother also mentions another barrier that they have to jump: the labor uncertainty that many artistic vocations usually generate. "There is a lot of fear on the part of the parents when a son tells them that he wants to dedicate himself to something like that and I understand them. But it is something viable and, in fact, what we intend is to create people who leave here working on this in the area that they like. The entire course is designed to professionally train illustrators, people who live in the world of illustration, which, really, is not utopian. You can and do not live badly, we are not millionaires, but neither are we mileuristas. You can live from it without having to depend on a secondary job, "reflects Paul.

THE LEARNING That is why, because they trust in their sector and their possibilities, they bet on this school. "The first year of the course is devoted to the worldwide education of illustration in the broadest sense: learning to create, to compose, to apply color and to use the digital tool. Then, the second year, the exercises are aimed at simulating real assignments, so that students, at the end of the course, have a portfolio, which is important. But also, that second year is dedicated to preparing a project with which they come under the arm. We believe in the portfolio, in having a quality one, but the final work is more important. The publishers, the advertising houses … what they ask you is a project. So you sell them a product, which is what they are looking for. If you go with something in particular, they get the idea of ​​what they are going to do with you, "says Paul. So the ideas are clear and the school is going cheering up


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