Bilbao, capital of business digitization for two days

Andonio Aranzamendi, CEO of i3s, a Biscayan company that will participate in the Ausape Forum. / EC

The Euskalduna Palace hosts a new edition of the Ausape Forum, which brings together hundreds of companies that use the SAP management computer system

Jorge Murcia

For two days, Bilbao will be the capital of the world SAP, one of the most popular business management information systems. The Euskalduna Palace hosts this Tuesday and Wednesday the return of the Ausape Forum, a meeting that brings together hundreds of SAP user companies and that last year had to be suspended due to the pandemic. The sixteenth edition is held in a face-to-face format with the participation of more than 600 people and is entitled ‘The new digital normality: Healthy, Sustainable and Intelligent’.

Ausape brings together the majority of customers ‘partners’ of SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing), one of the world leaders in enterprise resource planning software, known by the acronym ERP. A tool that allows companies of all sizes to manage their different actions, especially those that have to do with production, logistics, inventory, shipments and accounting.

This edition of the forum will pay special attention to the effects of Covid in the business world and, in particular, in its digitization processes. In this context, one of the ‘star’ talks of the meeting is framed, which will star this Tuesday Rafael Bengoa, a doctor specializing in community health and former Minister of Health of the Basque Government.

Along the same lines, the round table will be held, which on Wednesday will bring together experts from the public and private sectors to discuss the keys to post-Covid recovery. Among the participants is Xabier Arrieta, Director of Information Technologies of the Basque Government.

The i3s experience

The congress has eight ‘gold sponsors’. Among them is the Biscayan company i3s, a provider of SAP solutions. Its CEO, Andoni Aranzamendi, highlights the “differential value” that digitization offers to compete in an “increasingly demanding and global” market. A true “industrial revolution” that not only affects organizations, but “also consumers, be they companies or people.” I3s will present during the forum its experience of integration, in the Mercedes Benz Vitoria factory, of the SAP module for the intelligent management of risk prevention and occupational health.

The meeting will also reserve a space for solidarity, with a donation that will benefit Cáritas Bizkaia. A space will also be set up for those attendees who want to donate blood. The humorous note will be given by the monologue Luis Piedrahita.