Bill Gates is divorced after 27 years! The secret could not be revealed

One of the most expensive divorces in the world is likely to cover up secrets forever. A “not filed in court file” file appeared on the court in Washington State, and it was in it that detailed information on the division of property of the Gates divorced today was to be kept.

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, so it is speculated that Melinda French Gates could receive half of the total assets. Already in May, when the first reports of divorce appeared, several billion dollars landed on her account. Forbes magazine put the value of her property at 68 billion crowns before the final completion of the divorce.

The couple was helped by the less fortunate. Together they founded the largest private foundation in the world and they both want to continue working for it.

“We still share our faith in our mission and will continue to work for the foundation. But we no longer believe that we can develop together in the next phase of our lives as a couple,” the official statement said.

The media know for sure about divorce, in fact, only two things, that Melinda and Bill keep the same surnames and that they did not have to deal with childcare. All three offspring are over 18 years old.



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