Bill Gates leads his daughter to the altar! Even with my ex-wife!

At the North Salem Ranch in New York State, worth CZK 350 million, 300 guests from the American Cream Company were invited to the weekend celebrations. A traditional Muslim ceremony took place on Friday, and on Saturday Bill led his daughter to the altar, and in the evening the famous Coldplay group performed for the guests. A medical graduate at Stanford University (Jennifer 25) married professional rider Nayel Nassar (30), who competed in the colors of Egypt at the Tokyo Olympics.

Jennifer is also a good rider, on high courses she is one of the rivals of the Czech national team Anna Kellnerová (24). Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the fourth richest man on the planet, his assets are estimated at almost 3 trillion crowns. But that was before the divorce. The former spouses have already been able to agree on the division of property, which is now handled by a separate court proceeding.

The most expensive divorces in history! Bill Gates is getting a divorce!



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