Bill Gates’ Prediction That Will Happen in the Next 5 Years, Horrible!


Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates give predictions about what will happen in the next five years. At the Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit last September, Gates gave his views. According to him, the world will experience difficult times in the next few years.

“There are going to be five difficult years ahead because we have a pandemic impact, we have a war in Ukraine and the economic cycle is changing,” Gates said.

At the same time, boss Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation This provides the long-term plan of the foundation. One of them is eliminating the problem of infectious diseases completely or at least down to a lower level, as reported by Marca, Wednesday (2/11/2022).



“We try and raise the issue of infectious diseases, or all diseases that make the world unfair, to end most of them, either through eradicating them or bringing them down to very low levels,” he said.

In addition to the event, Bill Gates has also discussed future threats through his Twitter account. In July 2022, Gates wrote that the pandemic was a pivotal point in human life. But it’s not just the pandemic that’s Bill Gates’ concern.

“The war in Ukraine is a great tragedy around the world. The impacts of climate change have become worse than the model predicted,” he wrote.

Gates is indeed an active person who echoes health issues. Not only that, he also often voices about global warming and the benefits of eating synthetic meat to save the Earth from the brink of destruction.

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