Bill requires candidates to declare before SERVEL any guarantee, mortgage, lien, or personal or real right that guarantees a loan, contribution or electoral financing that benefits them, whatever the title, act or contract that contains it.

The motion, presented by Senator Yasna Provoste and Senators Pedro Araya, Carlos Bianchi, Alejandro Navarro and Jaime Quintana, is intended to oblige candidates for popularly elected positions to declare their endorsements and all real or personal guarantees regarding credits. that they subscribe to finance their respective electoral campaigns.

According to the project, the current political campaign financing scheme is structured, on the one hand, from State contributions through advances to independent candidates and political parties, and on the other, from contributions from the candidate himself, credits with financial institutions. and contributions from individuals or political parties.

Studies carried out for this purpose indicated that a group of 51 directors of General Fund Administrators and Pension Fund Administrators contributed a total of $ 256,626,606 to various campaigns of the Republican party, UDI, RN and Evópoli.

In this context, according to the sponsors, it is necessary to stop at the figure of mandated credits, that is, loans delivered by banks to candidates out of the money that the Electoral Service (“SERVEL”) delivers for each vote. received, where SERVEL does not control who are the guarantees of the referred requested loans. In this situation, any third party can endorse these credits, giving way to the figure of anonymous endorsements.

Faced with this situation, the media outlet Ciper Chile investigated the matter, noting that, “out of a total of 58 candidates and 4 political parties who were requested information regarding loan applications and their endorsements and / or guarantees, there are 25 candidates who did not deliver the documents with the requested information, and also a political party that indicated that it had a confidentiality agreement with their endorsements, so the information could not be disclosed. ” Among those who did not send the requested information are the mayor of Santiago, Iraci Hassler, and the conventional Teresa Marinovic, while the political party is Evópoli.

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As this situation is not covered by current legislation and SERVEL does not have the powers to oversee it, the authors of the motion propose to modify the Law N0 19,884, on Transparency, Limit and Control of Electoral Spending, to insert a new paragraph in its article 9, of the following wording:

«Notwithstanding the foregoing, the candidates must declare before the Servel any endorsement, mortgage, lien, or personal or real right that guarantees any loan, contribution or electoral financing that benefits them, whatever the title, act or contract that benefits them. contain. »

The project went to the Senate Committee on Government, Decentralization and Regionalization for discussion and subsequent voting.

See text of the motion, its discussion and analysis in Bulletin N ° 14484-06.