Billie Eilish chooses a new haircut again

American singer Billie Eilish exchanged her black-green locks a few months ago for a platinum blonde haircut. That has now been shortened a lot, as the star shows on Instagram.

Billie Eilish’s long blonde hair is a thing of the past. The Your powerstar had the scissors put in and now walks around with a playful, short bob with full froufrou. She showed herself for the first time with her short head on Instagram last Tuesday. In a video, which has since been liked almost seven million (!) times, she rubs her new haircut so that it gets a casual vibe. “Gone”, she writes, to emphasize that length has disappeared.

A new photo of her bleached, shortened hair followed later. In that snapshot, the star with her froufrou looks partly in front of her face into the camera lens. She wears a black outfit, which makes the blondie-style hair look extra beautiful.



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