Billie Eilish is accused of racism again

Again a fuss about Billie Eilish (19). A few weeks after the pop idol was accused of racism because old tweets with insulting statements surfaced, several fans are once again in a cramp at a video.

That video also dates from years ago, and shows a young Eilish who tells who her favorite cartoon character is. She mentions a character from The Boondocks, a sitcom about the black community. Only, that character is a white girl who appropriates stereotypical black characteristics. Inappropriate, according to Eilish’s followers.

Eilish apologized on the previous accusation. Then she came under fire for using a swear word for Asians years earlier. “Regardless of my ignorance and age at the time, I’m sorry,” the singer said. This time she hasn’t responded yet.

Billie Eilish under fire for racist video from five years ago, singer apologises: “Has to puke that I did that”

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