Billionaire owner of Bratz dolls makes offer for Toys R US

Billionaire owner of Bratz dolls makes offer for Toys R US

The CEO behind the Bratz dolls and the Little Tikes toys officially made his bet by Toys R Us. He multimillionaire Isaac Larian announced that he submitted a formal offer of 675 million dollars to acquire Toys R Us stores in the United States, along with 215 million dollars more for the shops in Canada, reported CNN Money . Its goal is to buy more than 200 of the remaining 735 stores in the United States, and 80 in Canada. #savetoysrus . Not sure about the “Tycoon” title. I’m just a simple man who started as a dishwasher in this great country and lived the American dream. I want to save over 130,000 jobs. @realDonaldTrump – Isaac Larian (@isaaclarian) April 13, 2018 Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment, will use his own money for the offer, along with the financing of banks and additional investors, according to a Press release . “The toy industry will really suffer with the liquidation of this American symbol,” Larian said. “The prospect of bringing the Toys R Us experience to new generations is enough motivation,” he added. It may interest you: Be a smart buyer during upcoming settlement sales Toys R Us did not comment on the announcement. The chain reported in March that it would close or sell all its stores in the United States after failing to obtain new investors. In the autumn of 2017 it had declared itself in bankruptcy . Larian’s vision for Toys R Us includes turning its stores into entertainment venues. “We will make Toys R Us an experience in itself, a fun and attractive place where families can spend a whole day. Imagine a mini-Disneyland in every neighborhood, “he said. The toy magnate behind the Bratz dolls blamed the closing of the company on its owners of private capital. “Every penny the chain made was to pay off debt,” Larian said in a interview last month . #whokilledtoysrus ? #savetoysRus . Where’s @realDonaldTrump ? @congressdotgov ? Still time. I do not want handouts you gave the auto industry and banks. Only need low cost loans and tax subsidies to save 130k jobs. ALL: write POTUS & congressmen – Isaac Larian (@isaaclarian) April 8, 2018 Read also: The weight, Friday 13 without ‘fear’: closes at its best level in more than 6 months

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