Bilyana Petrova will say goodbye to her mother, the prosecutor’s office suspended her sentence for 4 days

With his decision from today, the district prosecutor of Sliven Veselin Gangalov interrupts the execution of Bilyana Petrova’s sentence for 4 days, so that she can leave the women’s prison in Sliven and organize the funeral of her mother, who died on Wednesday. This was just announced to “24 Chasa” by the spokesperson of the District Prosecutor’s Office, prosecutor Vanya Beleva.

The decision is in response to a request by Bilyana Petrova, who has been deprived of her liberty, as of today, which was sent to the prosecutor’s office with a positive opinion by the prison administration.

Earlier on Wednesday, a relative of the prisoner said that Petrova was denied a chance to say goodbye to her mother. However, as it turned out, this does not correspond to the truth, since the request of the prisoner was submitted only today.