She died on Wednesday morning at the hospital in Modena – after 40 days – Renata Dyakowska, mother of Emily Formisano, the 8-year-old girl who died on 4 January due to a sledging accident on the Corno del Renon slopes in South Tyrol. The 38-year-old woman from Reggio Emilia had been transferred to the intensive care unit at the Modena Polyclinic at the end of January, to obtain a rapprochement at home and for the specific skills of the department in treating the diseases she had reported. Despite all the therapies, his conditions have never improved (the dossier: "Accidents in the mountains, like safer skiing").

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Accident in Val Susa: how to ski safely with children?
At the age of 9 can the slopes of any difficulty be tackled?

While little Emily was dead on the spot, the mother was injured in a very serious way. On the incident a dossier was opened for manslaughter that saw the president of the cableway company Corno del Renon and the same mother investigated. There had been strong controversy on the signage, which indicated the prohibition of toboggan descent on the black runway with a signal, while the writing was only in German.

While the father was skiing and waiting for them at the end of the runway, mother and daughter, on board a sled, they went wrong, and instead of taking the reserved track, they ended up on a "black" ski slope, very steep and forbidden, until it crashed into a tree.

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